Sunday, August 29, 2010

Real Donating

The United Nations established the world poverty level at living on between $1 and $1.50 per day depending on where one lives and that included the USA. I will never live on the level of poverty. After collecting redeemable bottles and cans for three months I now know how hard it is to make a dollar a day. Try it on just one ride. Pick slugs out of a beer can, roll under an electric fence to retrieve a can of coke, pick up a beer bottle used as a spitoon for chew tobacco and smell it; yes, lots of disgusting opportunities out there on the road. So What? Collecting redeemables has brought me closer to knowing what poverty is like and it has changed the way I donate. The donation, to be real for me must in some way bridge or lessen the gap between me a have and someone who is a have not. That's why I use social workers to help me indentify where my $35 will make a difference. Don't know any social workers? Go to Kiva (just google it) and you will be presented with an opportunity to make a difference, a real difference in the class structure that built on money.

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