Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Donation: Winter is here

Over the weekend we had snow at elavations over 2000 feet. I do not ride often in the winter and can't imagine the danger of stopping in the traffic late to pick a bottle off a snowbank. cash in account: 8/23 $5.30, 8/30 $8.65, 92 $8.50, 9/12 $13.95, 9/27 $14.20, 10/4 $5.05, 10/12 $7.10, 10/18 $1.90. The donation total is $48.00 and that included money from the "empty your pockets" money jar.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What A Find!

Yesterday while out collecting bottles I spotted a $1,000,000 dollar bill. What luck! Alas when I got it home it was a religious advertisement on how to save my soul. I guess someone figures that my soul is worth that much. Kinda make blood donors look like they are getting short changed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change Your Mind

OK, so it is officially cold and rainy in Vermont and my bottle collection had fallen to three days a week. The goals remain the same; American waste turned into cash for those who need it most. Now a refocus. Every bike past, present and future can be had from Taiwan. Cheep labor, cheep energy and no patient restrictions and they can and will make anything. Any bike you want to buy from your local bike shop is made in Taiwan- re badged to the brand the shop thinks you trust and will buy. I trust Green Grear the makers of the Bike Friday line because I know all their bikes are made here in the USA; that that really means anything to this post. This post is about GREEN and the state of the health of our planet. Buy something new- anything and you contribute to the carbon footprint of our consumer lifestyle. Buy used; shop at Goodwill, they have everything you need to run a household! Except bikes. For bikes go to a local shop that will build you a bike from a solid used frame and components of your choice. For me that's Little City Cycles in Vergennes. No secrets, I have a 25% ownership in Little City because I want my money to support a GREEN bicycle that is custom made with the buyers input. Rants over?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Slow Going!

The rains that have swept up the east coast and the cooler weather have slowed the pick up of road side redeemables. A good day has dropped from 40-50 bottles and cans to 20 plus or minus cans. More coffee cups litter the roadsides- of no value to me.