Sunday, August 29, 2010


The bicycle industry both sets and followes trends. For years it was the mountain bike. Everyone had to have one and 90% have never seen a mountail, they are ridden on flat payes streets. Then Lance won the tour de france and everyone had to have a carbon fiber speed demon. 90% of these are ridden by recreational cycliests burning their leggs at 12 miles per hour. Now its the urban scene with crusiers, single speeds and lugges steel frame touring bikes. 90% of these will never see more service than a trip to a festival otr trip to works and a few errands.

A few weeks ago a fellow came into Little City Cycles asking for an electric assist mountain bike to get to his hunting land because it had been closed to ATV's. Such a bike does not exist so Tim and I designed one. We are building up three right now. Strong steel frame, low step over height for folks dressed in woll not lycra, high ground clearence, internal gears that will not snag on brush, human powered rear wheel drive with front wheel electric assist. racks front and real that can hold a substantial amount of gear. Of course, a rifle scabbord completes the bike as well as the choice of camo, black or brown paint jobs. The bike is called the Nor'easter after the storms that rip through new England. The bicycle industry has forgotten the rural farmer, hunter and recreational rider who can't make it up a rain soaked dirt road hill. try one they are slippery with traction tat is hard to find. Now get on a two wheel drive Nor'easter, breed like a Morgan horse with two wheel drive; human power to the rear and electric power up front. Up you go mate!

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