Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good News-Bad News

My last cash in was for $14.20. The beer and soda drinking season is giving way to the coffee and hot coco season. Mush more paper litter than redeemable bottles and cans. I confirmed this experience with a scavenger I know who forages for his own ways and means. His totals in bottles and cans have begun to drop off. The bad news comes from the "now I've seen it all" department. Last week I picked up a can of Twisted Tea to find a mouse inside. The can acted like a "harve-a-heart" trap. The flap allowed the critter in but did not allow him out. I pried the lid open and set the fearfull creature, still inside the can back away from the roadside in a stand of bushes. I hope he makes it to a safe and sheltered life.

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