Monday, April 4, 2011

Ist collections of wisdom and bottles

Old men sit and tell stories. These are my stories. To ascribe optimism or pessimism to an individual the diagnostic question of common usage has been “is the glass half empty or half full”? The glass part is right; we are each given a glass by ‘the one’ – (more on this in another story). It is our glass and we will have it for our life. It can sit in front of any individual completely empty, and that is unlikely. Our purpose is to fill the glass. Some will fill it with the materialism they have been tutored on since birth. The motto of materialism is “the one with the more toys win”. Other will fill their glass with acts of generous and kindness. I would want this to be the case for more of the human race. The Beatles say a stanza is one of their songs, “The love you get is equal to the love you give”. This is where the glass comes into our lives. The glass is the vassal from which we drink in the love we each need. Throughout or life we either inadvertently or on purpose spill out glass. There is no use crying over this, just right it and start anew to fill it. This can even be a fortuitous event when the glass contains more malevolence than benevolence. Dump the malevolence, turn a new leaf and fill the glass with benevolence. Why is all of this happening? Because YOU will be the one who will be drinking from the glass and throughout your life it is written (by all psychologists who speak about human needs) that you will need and crave love, belonging and acceptance. These precious commodities are only to be found in your glass and you are the one who has filled it. When it is filled with bile, you will suffer. When it is filled with honey, you will be refreshed.
I began collecting bottles and cans. Over three day the total is 150 redeemable. The winter has been good for trash out the window.

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